Friday, April 22, 2011


Hi peeps!!! Well , as you can read the title above (if you can read this , you should thanks to your english teacher :P) I want share you my story .This is story of love that end without beginning . Actually it is not a love story because there is no heroin in this story .

Teenagers and love that something that cannot be separate because they are close together . Like this phrase said "till death do us apart ". Teenagers cannot live without love (usually ) . Sometime in special case , they need more than one love to keep survive ( base on my observation ) . Love capable to do something that beyond the imagination .

But it is different situation for me . Me and love is something that CANNOT BE TOGETHER . Love had rough with me and leave many scars . I bleed quite well because of love . Love never give me chance to show my sincere .

Maybe it is because of me , myself that not perfect . Yes I know that I dont have that good looking face , freaking smile , six packs , sexy voice and sweet talking . But this is me in the true form . I'm just naive person with a weak heart .

Some say " why you want to be emo? You not even listen to emo band" . Maybe im not listen to the emo song but im still consider myself as emo . To me , emo is emotional not music or hair style or dress-up . I very emotional about several thing even a small thing . You know , I feel sad if my friends dont ask to join them for dinner or make a joke with my bike . Love have change me to be more emo. . .

Ok , I will stop rubbishing now or in other word "bullshit" (said Mr. basil ). Love had hurt me many times and make me emo . Maybe one day , there is someone out there can show me that love is not emo things . . .

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