Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hello Degree , Hello RM4000

OOOOWWWHHH~ S***T!!! Foundation exam result came out on Disember 12th and for sure Im shaking almost half an hour because i dont remember the password to check my result. I search both of my e-mail accounts still not found a single e-mail from IPSAH. So, I register my e-mail for second time.

I checked my result and...errrr...ok la, at least lulus kan? hahaha =_=" . actually, its ok because i deserve to get that because of effort that I put on exam. I barely make it for the next semester for degree program.

I hope for up coming semester will mature me enough to realize that things are getting harder. Wish me luck! ;)

p.s: masuk je rm4000, Ace jadi milik aku. . .harharhar
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