Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hello Degree , Hello RM4000

OOOOWWWHHH~ S***T!!! Foundation exam result came out on Disember 12th and for sure Im shaking almost half an hour because i dont remember the password to check my result. I search both of my e-mail accounts still not found a single e-mail from IPSAH. So, I register my e-mail for second time.

I checked my result and...errrr...ok la, at least lulus kan? hahaha =_=" . actually, its ok because i deserve to get that because of effort that I put on exam. I barely make it for the next semester for degree program.

I hope for up coming semester will mature me enough to realize that things are getting harder. Wish me luck! ;)

p.s: masuk je rm4000, Ace jadi milik aku. . .harharhar


  1. assalamualaikum!!

    congratulation!!! and about the allowance, jgn tkejot sgt tibe2 dpt 4K..use it wisely..because it is for 1 sem..kalau nak beli ape2 better u save sikit from this sem and save sikit from 2nd sem (2nd sem xsmpai 4k pon), jmlah tu baru beli sth that u want..baru la akhir2 sem tuh boleh bernyawa sikit..ade duit..hee..just say la kan :)

    btw, degree jangan main2..u will learn a lot of theories that needs u to memories..like seriously, masa belajar tobak eh boring, tapi take your ease time to memorise the core of the theory jugak..jangan nnti nak dkt exam baru kalut macam akak..haha..

    anyway, have a great time in year one! it will really change ur attitude, i think. because we'll learn more about our profession.

    and linguistic is hard tapi fun!! literature same as always..fun fun and fun!!haha good luckkkk!!

    wow, panjang nye komem kak thah =.=

    next year tegor2 la akak ye..keke..and me still waiting for my result..cuakkk..okbai!!

  2. akak punya comment lagi pnjang dari post. . .hahaha. thanks for the advice...kak thah supo ngan kak spupu hazmi plok dari segi bui nasihat, sebutir supo nih...hehe.klau hazmi x tegur tu bkn nyo sombong...tp malu...hikhikhik. wish you the best for your result ^_^

  3. hehe.effect keno tulis essay banyok mase exam la nih..3 hours exam tuhh..haha..ek? samo? kak thah meme suka blebe skit..kak sulong etep..haha..btw, tq..cuak cuak cuak!!

    p/s: kak thah lagi pemalu.haha :P


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